☾Logo Request☽

☾Please email me the answers to the questions below, techcontrol@hotmail.com (preferred) or vwanweb@gmail.com☽

1.  Company/Organization/Social Media website url:

2.  The main mission of your Company/Organization: Your organizations'/companies'  target market/industry, i.e, Medical, Climate Change, Auto Repair, Legal Services, Public Service, etc. Please be as descriptive as possible as this is the backbone from which the design will be born.

2a.  What sets your company apart from your competition, what makes your efforts special?  This may impact the design in a significant way.  Here is an example using the judicial system:
Lady Justice is blindfolded and lifts the scales of 'truth & fairness'.  If your law firm specializes in defending the rights of children.  This may lead to Lady Justice becoming Baby Justice, Child Justice or ... think about it.

2b.  Who are your main competitors or related organization(s) (non-profits)?
This enables design based research for target marketing of competition and or alliances.  Examples; Autism Foundations use the color blue as the core awareness color, breast cancer awareness uses the color pink.

3.  You want your logo to include, pick one or as many as you like:
       a.Name Only i.e., Kodak©, Yahoo!©
       b.Graphic Only - just a symbol or initials with no name/wording i.e., NFL©, NBC's© peacock, NIKE's© Swoosh
       c.Name with Graphic i.e., Taco Bell©
       d.Name with Integrated Graphic Showtime©, YouTube©
       e.Don't know - leave the 1st round of examples to your designer

4.  Exact Primary (i.e., Organization Name, Organization Abbreviation) text you want on the logo:

5.  Exact Secondary text also known as a tag line or motto for your logo.  Keep in mind tag lines should be short and simple for ease of memory.  A tag line should be to 2-5 words.  Longer tag lines will not register into your client's memory, depleting the main purpose of branding your organization.

5a.  Assistance; Write down what a third person, not a co-worker, replies to you when you describe your organizations market/objective and your target clients.  
Ask them to give you a short 2-5 word thought based on;
a) Increasing the criminal sentencing of a person convicted of child abuse
'Justice for Children' 
'A Definite Choice of Justice' 
'Justice Love Our Children'
'Healing a Childhood'
'Let's Do This Liberty'  

6.  Color(s)
       Preferred colors:
       Colors to be avoided:

7.  The style of your Logo:
       - High Tech                     - Formal/Corporate                   - Contemporary
       - Antique                         - Type Only                               - Music Genre
       - Cartoon                         - Mechanical                             - Sports          
       - The list goes on and on ...  

8.  This item is the most important input you can provide your graphic nerd.  Please write down any other thoughts you have that you need me to know about.  The questions above are very 'basic'.  The thoughts and dreams of your organization are deeper than anything I could possibly think of, on  my own.  Let me in on your deepest thoughts. Why? this talent I was given is useless without your guidance, your vision, your soul, your being! 

Thank you

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