Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wikipedia Shortcuts (A) VisualEditor (B) Source Editor

A.  VisualEditor, DRAFT 01

VisualEditor draft 01 notes:
1.  Table groups: dotted lines changed to unique styles per group.
2.  Function and Punctuation keys reduced height to allow for addition of document title text.
3.  Table removal of Clipboard group? These shortcuts exist web wide, research to replace with potential html shortcut (access) keys 
4.  Table text increased line spacing of text to remove dead space at bottom of table, see draft 00.

A.  VisualEditor, DRAFT 00

B. Source Editor, Draft 02:

  1.  Widened margins of tables (lower half)
  2.  Added strokes (borders) to combination and shortcut (access) keys

B. Source Editor, Draft 00

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